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Ways to Make Your Product Stand Out in Stores

Connecting with customers is key to sales, but it’s impossible to make that first crucial impact if your product gets glossed over. In stores full of colorful items and competitors demanding attention, it’s essential to stand out with the right branded product displays in Portland, OR . That’s why we’ve put together a few tips we’ve learned from extensive experience delivering top-notch packaging solutions for a wide range of clients. Generate Interest -- First and foremost, you need a visually compelling package design that catches the eyes. Interesting colors, shapes, and text can all help your product captivate at a glance. Communicate Clearly -- After that first moment of contact, you need your packaging to do a lot of work to tell the customer why they need what you’re selling. To accomplish this, legible text and graphics that appropriately convey key features are vital. Trust Professionals -- Creating custom product displays is no easy task. You need a partner with the exper
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What Does Your Package Say About Your Product?

Put yourself in a shopper’s position. When you pick up a product to take a closer look, do you notice the packaging? If it really stands out, maybe. But even when you aren’t actively examining it, this small detail can impact your choices. Here’s the bottom line: not all packaging design projects in Portland, OR , deliver the same results. That’s because even subtle differences say a lot more than you might think about the product inside -- and the company behind it. Say you’re looking for a sturdy set of tools, for example. If you grab one off a shelf and it’s encased in cheap, flimsy packaging, you probably won’t get the subconscious impression that the tools are all that durable -- even if you never touch the items themselves. When you think about your own product, these small choices in packaging really do matter. Making the Most of Your Packaging Design Projects So, how do you translate a conscious understanding of packaging into something that actually benefits your brand? I

How Graphic Design Relates to Marketing

Most people sort of intuitively know that investing in graphic design in Portland, OR , is just part of good marketing. If you don’t think too much about it, it’s probably never occurred to ask why. In reality, though, visual flair isn’t just the icing on the cake when it comes to projecting your brand’s presence -- often, it’s the first, most important component. See, good graphic design doesn’t just grab someone’s attention. It pulls the viewer in and instantly communicates something about the product itself. Think of it as a handshake: it’s the greeting people get when they first meet your brand. And much like a handshake, it can make or break a relationship. Defining Your Market Position While it’s true that graphic design can help you get more eyes on your products simply by being flashy and visually interesting, it also does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to acquainting prospective customers with what you have to offer. You might have a great item with incredible f